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Up-cycled - Coin Leaf Bracelet

 A gorgeous Coin leaf preserved in 18k gold.
The story behind this upcycled piece is simple; the "belt part of the bracelet used to be made of organic cotton. In an unfortunate event we cut the cotton lace by mistake. Later we simply decided to replace it with metal. This piece also belongs to a bracelet collection that we created in order to preserve the leaves exactly as they were with no modifications. Other bracelets collections we created have leaves that have been slightly modified to add what we thought would be an ergonomically better design. However, feedback from some customers told us they missed this flat and full design.   
This is a very unique piece as we only have 1 of it and no others like it will be made in the future.





"Coin" leaf is featured in the Cerrado trees collection. This exquisite leaf is widely used among artisans of the South Central Amazon jungle; their beauty makes them very popular in the making of all kind of artisan goods. When creating biojewels "Coin" leaves are put thru a process of Skeletonization in order to show off their beautiful unique textures, after that they are Metallized , and finally dipped in high grade molten 18k gold.
Coin leaves have been attributed good luck or "lucky" qualities by the native tribes. They are said to bring abundance and prosperity to the one that carries it.

"Elegance with a natural touch of uniqueness and good vibes" 

Talking about it...

The process of creating biojewels starts at the collection of the organic materials, acquired in the Brazilian Amazon rain-forest by local farmers. The goods are collected from trees and branches that have naturally fallen to the ground due to wind, rain, etc.  After the collection, they preserve the natural beauty of each piece, by natural processes called desiccation and skelletization. After this first step, a second group of local Artisans handles the metallization and gold bathing processes.The whole process is certified by the IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources). 


- This product features natural and real Cerrado - "coin" leaf from the Brazilian Amazon preserved in 18k gold.

- Nickel & cadmium free.  

- Handmade done in Brazil.

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