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Organic Essential Oil (15 ml) - Cedarwood

Cedarwood: This particular oil plays a big role in balancing your root chakra system. When used at home in a difuser it would give you a sense that you are in nature among the trees. It reminds you that the Universe is always around you, and you are never alone, bringing you a feeling of security. It stimulates and balances the flow of your red ray energy. To do this apply it on your lower back with massaging motions, or wear it on your wrists or back of your neck.

Cedarwood Oil will also help you create a calm environment, giving you a sense of peace, and confidence in your capabilities. The most amazing part about the woody scent of this oil is that instantly connects you to the forest when you can’t get to one.

Medicinally is known to help cure seborrhoea, heal wounds, fight spasms, aid increasing urination and the subsequent removal of toxins in body. It also regulates menstrual cycles.

Country of Origin: Morocco
Botanical Name:
Cedrus atlantica
Common Names:
Cedarwood Oil
Parts Used:
Extraction Method:
Steam Distilled
Medium, Woody, Sweet and Balsamic-Like
Golden Yellow to Orange-Brown
Organic Certified:

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Organic Certified Essential Oils

We are bringing you a small batch of organic therapeutic grade essential oils handcrafted from a variety of plants by Asian artisans. The oils have many benefits for the body and mind; they will help you pamper yourself and your love ones. 
We are a small business, but we are doing our best to help spread positivity and kindness during this time.
We are giving out the oils for FREE, only asking you to help us pay for the shipping & handling and the packaging we have created for them. They come in a reusable 15ml glass bottle, and inside a cute also reusable organic cotton pouch (flat fee of $7.77 at check out)

(Sample Picture, not exact)


- Up to 3 Organic Essential Oils per order. 

- This is done in an effort to allow more people to benefit from this FREE items promotion. 

Disclaimer Note: The information therein is only for educational purposes. If you are uncertain about the use of the oils please consult your local doctor/physician. Before applying oils directly to the skin, test it in a small area before applying fully.  

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