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USDA Certified Organic oils. Get yours now!

Quality and uniqueness

We are pioneers of the organic goods gold dipping technique. All of our pieces are dipped in high quality recycled 18K gold from 12 to 23 times. Keeping in mind the fact that plated jewelry is generally considered of "high" quality after 12 gold layers; We can proudly say that all of our pieces have a considerably higher amount of gold than your average plated jewelry. This, combined with the master craftsmanship of our artisans make our pieces the FINEST in the market.
Also, given that bio jewels are made from real trees, not two bio jewels look the same. Just like our fingerprints are unique to each of us; each leaf, seed, branch or fruit has its own unique patterns, shape and size.Resulting in a different and unique art piece with each organic good. 
Every time you purchase a Bio jewel from our store, you know with certainty that you have the only piece in the world that looks like it! Carefully handcrafted to satisfy your elegant and glamorous taste.

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