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Simply Nature Bio Goods is a company inspired by nature. Sustainable fashion is what we strive for. We love our planet Earth and are fascinated with the beauty and diversity of nature; for us beauty and nature go together and thrive on basic concepts like health and sustainability. This is why healthy ecosystems are beautiful. However, when the man's influence causes an unhealthy ecosystem, nature's beauty is affected.

All of the biojewels in Simply Nature's Collections, are made with selected plants and trees that bring an added benefit to humans. They are either, medicinal, nutritional, spiritual or even delicious! We see in the creation of biojewels a medium to awaken a higher level of connection to our planet, thru the fashionable interests of people and their passion for nature.

It is our mission to bring our customers a green message thru our products at the same time as spoiling their fashionable guilty pleasures.


We firmly believe that environmental consciousness is something that needs to be spread by every human being. All of us Earthlings are responsible for the conservation of our planet, thus, it is an essential value of Simply Nature Bio Goods to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly creation of its pieces. It is also part of our mission to bring awareness of the importance of protecting our mother earth and create a positive impact thru our products.


In order to take care of the health of our customers and keeping up with our values; we DO NOT use nickel or cadmium in our metallization processes. These metals are commonly used in the production of plated jewelry worldwide; however, these chemicals come with an added element of dangerous toxicity and studies have shown they are carcinogenic. Rest assure you will not have to think about these dangers when purchasing our bio jewels.


Our packaging is made with 99% recycled eco-friendly materials. Each package is customized and carefully put together for you! In the package you will find: biojewelry care instructions , our certificate of authenticity, and of course your Biojewel piece of art . As a special touch, you will also find an info card, sharing specific characteristics of the chosen plant. On top of this, together with the tags, you will find fun, decorative seeded paper; which you can plant, water and grow pretty wildflowers at home! This is our way of bringing our green message into your everyday life.

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