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Meet the stars of our show

Portuguese Lace

 Portuguese Lace Plants can be found in many regions of the world. The kind we use in our bio jewels is Davalia fejeensis. Originally from Fiji, and presumably brought to Brazil by the Portuguese colonizers. There are many different varieties of these ferns, and their leaves are usually very long and divided horizontally in small sections, giving this plant lots of unique beautiful details.
"Natural vibes and exquisite simplicity"


"Coin" leaf is featured in the Cerrado trees collection. This exquisite leaf is widely used among artisans of the South Central Amazon jungle; their beauty makes them very popular in the making of all kind of artisan goods. When creating biojewels "Coin" leaves are put thru a process of Skeletonization in order to show off their beautiful unique textures, after that they are Metallized , and finally dipped in high grade molten 18k gold.

Coin leaves have been attributed good luck or "lucky" qualities by the native tribes. They are said to bring abundance and prosperity to the one that carries it.

"Elegance with a natural touch of uniqueness and good vibes" 


This is a tree original from North America and Europe. It was brought to Brazil during the colonial times and it quickly spread widely across the country. Today it is well known by Brazilians as " pinheiro" ,"cedrinho" or "arvore da vida". 
Although this tree is commonly used in decorations, specially during the Christmas time, Tuia also has medicinal properties for humans and animals. It is used in the treatment of warts and hemorrhoids, and also in curating pulmonary diseases such as asthma.  

"Positive natural vibes that transcend barriers"


Acai is a delicious fruit that nowadays has been labeled a "super-food" due to its numerous benefits when consumed: promotes heart health, resists harmful organisms, aids weight loss, promotes skin health, helps digestion, reduces irritation, improves cellular health, immune system booster, anti-aging effects, boosts energy, encourages healthy libido, improves mental function; not to mention its wonderful flavor that makes it a must have ingredient at green smoothie shops, juice bars, and other current healthy lifestyle shops.

Although it is currently widely spread out worldwide, Acai is an indigenous berry native to the rain forest of the amazon jungle in south America. 

"Connect with your spirituality at another level" 


Arruda is widely found in the amazon rain forest, also a few species are native to the Balkan peninsula. It´s medicinal qualities and cooking properties make it popular among people. Arruda´s popularity goes back to ancient Greek times when it was used to treat contagious diseases; in colonial times, African slaves used to keep it as a token of protection against the "evil eye". Today, some native South American cultures still attribute Arruda with mystical properties. Arruda still is commonly used as a soothing tea.
"The simplicity of trees meets the elegance of gold"

Bull Hoof

This native Brazilian tree has a thorny trunk and exotic big white flowers. It's leaves are full of texture and resemble the hoof of cattle, thus the name. When in full bloom this tree presents an admirable sight. Bull Hoof is well known for being used as a natural remedy against diabetes.
"Sophisticated bold details with dazzling glow!"


Carrapicho is found mostly along the coastal areas of South America.
It is a smaller size plant which was considered a "weed" until not too long ago. The plant displays beautiful purple flowers and small thorny fruits that easily stick to the clothing or hair of unaware by passers. In 2009 was recognized to have therapeutic qualities; it is also used as a tea drink. 
"Daring shapes created by nature empowering your everyday life"


Arabica Coffee is a well known variety of coffee popular all around the world. Its delicious aroma and flavor have taken it to the top of the list of popular hot drinks. Also known as a stimulant commonly used in the morning time.
"Coffee dreams, deliciously beautiful"


Pepper is the common name given to a variety of plants which fruit is generally of spicy flavor. Bright intense colors are also popular among the fruit of pepper plants. Malagueta Pepper is the specific kind we use in our biojewels; Malagueta is widely used in Brazilian cooking, as wells as in Portugal and parts of Africa and the Caribbean.
On top of being delicious, peppers are also of great nutritional value. They are low in calories and loaded with vitamin A and C, folic acid, potassium and fiber. Also they are good at boosting the metabolism and will assist with weight loss. Historically, hot spicy peppers have been associated with sensuality and attributed aphrodisiac qualities. 
"Tasteful golden spice"


Quina is a medium size tree that can be found in Central and South America. It has been discovered to have several uses as a natural soothing remedy; also its sweet scent is used in vegan beauty products. Quina trees have gorgeous unique textures on their leaves.
“Glow with delicate brightness" 


Magnolia is an ancient tree. It actually appeared on the planet before bees did, the flowers have evolved to encourage pollination by beetles. #Magnolia #amazonica, is the particular species we use in our biojewels. These are evergreen flowering trees native to the lower western Amazon River Basin, including Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.
The flowers of many species of Magnolias are considered edible. In parts of England, the petals of "Magnolia grandiflora" are pickled and used as a spicy condiment. In Japan, the young leaves and flower buds of Magnolia hypoleuca are broiled and eaten as a vegetable. Older leaves are made into a powder and used as seasoning; also dried, whole leaves are placed on a charcoal brazier, filled with stuffings, and broiled. In other Asian cuisines, the buds are used to flavor rice and scent tea.
Magnolia trees have also been known to have medicinal uses, the bark and flower buds of Magnolia officinalis have long been used in traditional herbal Chinese medicine and homeopathic treatments. Our featured Magnolia Amazonica has been commonly used to relieve menstrual cramps, abdominal bloating and gas, nausea, and indigestion.The flower buds of Magnolia amazonica and officinalis are also an ingredient in formulas used to treat coughs and colds. 
"Breathtaking natural elegance"

Centipede Tree

This particular plant has very interesting long beautiful leaves and a complex root system. Its roots as well as the fronds of its leaves are widely used medicinally. The plant historically has been used by the indigenous people of Honduras for tumors, arthritis, and psoriasis. In the Amazon rainforest is grated fresh and made into a tea for intense cough and kidney problems. The Witotos Indians (in the NW Amazon) use it for treating throat problems. Other indigenous groups use the roots for problems of the pancreas, ulcers, kidney problems and pains in joints and tendons. It is very much appreciate it by the native groups, considered a general body detoxifying and immune system booster. 


"Beautiful asymmetry that makes all the perfect points"

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