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Circular Model #stepbystep

The world is changing; us millennials are built to care and act, thus, WE are changing the world. Not buying from unethical, profit driven enterprises is the easiest form of stepping up for yourself in a deficient/broken system. And then, creating new, better and eco-friendly options for the people is the next step.
In this particular goal we are setting ourselves apart from today's standard company models. It is our future vision to #evolve into a global CIRCULAR enterprise and successful model to other conscious initiatives of the world.
We are starting a program in which you will be able to send your timeless piece back to us and either acquire a new one, earn some cash credit, or take advantage of our new biojewelry rental services. We will also take care of any damaged fixable pieces in our biojewelry UP-CYCLED program. We are super motivated about achieving this evolution and we definitely need the help of you all to make it happen. So lets #join our drives and keep working towards a better, ethical, Eco friendly, beautiful world!

1. Mail/Bring your old piece and get it evaluated.
2. Receive store credit towards any other piece of same + value.
3. Receive/Go home with a brand new piece of Eco Art to enjoy!! 
Yes its that simple!
You can send us back your wonderful bio jewel piece. In exchange you will be credited a value towards a new piece on our store. All of the pieces collected will be evaluated and restore. Some will be UP-CYCLED into a new piece of home decor or fine art. Some will be put available for people to rent out and use for periods of time.
If you wish to be a pioneer participant in our #CIRCULAR model, you can send us the piece you purchased. And we will up-cycled into new piece. Even though up-cycling is considerably more difficult and expensive than simply throwing things away, this is what we stand for and our MISSION.   
You will receive a generous credit bonus towards a NEW piece of equal or greater value.The credit obtained can also be used in the #rental program.
A hold will be placed in your card for the Full Value of the desire piece.
Always for 7 days segments.
When you return the piece only 15% of the value of the piece is charged to you.
If at any time a piece is not return, or is found broken at the time of return, a necessary fee will be assessed. 
Our first up-cycled line will be of other bio jewels unique designs. We already have some models out. After that, our Home Decor and House ware line will come out, followed by a Fine Art Line of all up-cycled projects. 

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