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Pepper Pendant

Simple elegance. Pepper Pendant in 18k gold. Elevate her tasteful side. Beautifully handcrafted to perfection.


- Available for PRE ORDER.
- Pendant L: 2 inches (approx), W: 2/3 inches (approx).



Pepper is the common name given to a variety of plants which fruit is generally of spicy flavor. Bright intense colors are also popular among the fruit of pepper plants. Malagueta Pepper is the specific kind we use in our biojewels; Malagueta is widely used in Brazilian cooking, as wells as in Portugal and parts of Africa and the Caribbean.On top of being delicious, peppers are also of great nutritional value. They are low in calories and loaded with vitamin A and C, folic acid, potassium and fiber. Also they are good at boosting the metabolism and will assist with weight loss. Historically, hot spicy peppers have been associated with sensuality and attributed aphrodisiac qualities. 

"Tasteful golden spice"

Talking about it...

The process of creating biojewels starts at the collection of the organic materials, acquired in the Brazilian Amazon rain-forest by local farmers. The goods are collected from trees and branches that have naturally fallen to the ground due to wind, rain, etc.  After the collection, they preserve the natural beauty of each piece, by natural processes called desiccation and skelletization. After this first step, a second group of local Artisans handles the metallization and gold bathing processes.The whole process is certified by the IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources). 


- This product features natural and real Pepper from the Brazilian Amazon preserved in 18k gold.

- Nickel & cadmium free.

- Handmade done in Brazil.

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