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Why is it important to talk to your neighbors?

by Simply Nature November 23, 2017

Every day of our lives we are blessed with the opportunity to learn new things and evolve as individuals and as a whole (Humanity). All of us human beings are connected and when you improve yourself you improve humanity in general. Have you ever hear the saying that goes: "the chain is only as strong as its weakest link"; You do not want to be the weakest link, do you? So stay alert everyday for new things you can learn, or maybe things you can improve. Also stay open to learn from anyone you encounter, most memorable lessons come from un-expected sources. 
On this matter, one important aspect that I have realized, is that the teachings may not be simple facts, or pieces of knowledge that you can repeat back. No. We must see when the teachings are about life, the system, people's behaviors, or yourself. Many times during the day we have the chance to learn about these things as well; but our busy lifestyle and lack of #awareness prevents us from doing so. Because of this I have learnt to be more aware and pay more attention to my surroundings, and to every Earthling that may be around. 
 Keeping this last thought in mind I wanna share with you all a learning experience I had the other day: while walking around in the community I ran into this lady from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I had seen her many times and had the basic small talk we have with our neighbors. However, this time for some reason we got a little deeper into the conversation, and boom! That's when it all became a real learning experience for me. She began to tell me about the awful war going on right now in her country and how this is affecting her family that still lives there. (I knew about the war in Congo, I had never met anyone from there), but more importantly she began to describe all her feelings of anger and helplessness, because she experienced first hand how huge profit-driven enterprises exploited the people and the prime matter of her country and treat their people like garbage; they just want get rid of them. She mentioned one particular company (that I do not want to mention now, but trust me, you know it, and probably own a phone or TV by them), and she described how they promote the war, by hiring men (usually local "guerrillas") to take over small villages and kill or scare off the people so that these companies can then come and freely exploit the land and take the prime matter.On top of this, she mentioned how in some African countries slavery is still happening as it did in the past, and has not changed a bit. People are literally sold in a market as things! .....wait....WHAT?. Exactly, that is what I thought. I doubted what she was saying at first, but then I thought to myself, "this lady has no reason to lie to me, and come up with such story". And to be honest, I think I trust her more, than I do our news media. So, after this talk I realized that all the evil and suffering of the world is right in my  face and I was not even aware. This lady showed me incredible tenacity and courage when speaking with a broken voice about her story. I was a bit shocked and it felt like a slap on the face. Right after she finished talking and it was my time to say something and support her, I was almost quite for a good 3 seconds, but then I shook myself and said: " Hey! We can do something!, we do not have the means to go there and fight those companies and corrupted government, but WE CAN CHOOSE"; and I told her about veganism and the ethical r-evolution, I said to her, that she could protest by not buying from any of these companies, and then I added," and, we can spread awareness, to our friends and family, we must let them know about the reality behind these industries and together we can build a driving force that will make a difference". To all of these she replied: "That is a great idea". It was here when I had the biggest lesson on that talk; here there was a person that lived thru all of these horrible practices, and it never occurred to her that she had any power, or that she could actually do something. So I realized even more, the real importance of spreading AWARENESS and KNOWLEDGE about new sustainable and ethical living options/companies, and now I am even more motivated and determined to continue to grow our company and continue our mission of spreading a green message in pro of an ethical #model company for the future of a better world. 
Most people do not know the full reality of the world we live in, and some that know are numb or blinded by the media; even worst, some others feel helpless. DO NOT EVER FORGET, that every time you wake up in the morning you are presented with opportunities. All of these opportunities also represent choices we must make, and with these choices comes power. Starting with the most simple things like, what will I wear today? Or what will I have for breakfast? To other bigger choices, such as what car should I buy? or whom should I vote for? No matter what kind of choices they are, with them YOU HAVE POWER! ,use your power wisely and pass it on to your friends and family by letting them know and making them aware that they also have the same power #powerofchoice! #chooseethical. 
And as you go along in the journey, keep your eyes, mind and heart open to all learning opportunities the universe presents to you, keep evolving!
 Written by Fernando Guevara

Simply Nature
Simply Nature


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