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The Future is Eco #ConsciousFashion

by Simply Nature April 17, 2019

Our Mission: To lead by example thru living and sharing the message of higher consciousness
From the moment we established our company, we made it very clear that our purpose goes beyond designing and handcrafting quality beautiful products. It is fair to say that at first we were still exploring and adopting the actual strategies we wanted to use to generate positive social impact beyond our sustainable process, brand concept and company's circular model. However, today, we are happy and proud to say that thanks to wonderful liked minded individuals we have found in our journey, and the different organizations we have had the fortune of partnering with,we are slowly but PROUDLY and STRONGLY carrying our mission. Our commitment to spreading a green message about preservation of nature, higher consciousness, sustainability and the real possibility of more ethical ways of doing business have been the base values for the success in our organization. Today we have reached and directly touched the hearts of over 10.000 people thru the multiple channels available to us, and our voice has been heard all across the globe.

We started in our mission with a burning desire and limited resources. Creating Eco-Art and having a big vision in our minds. At first, we had only opened our online store and created the most common social media channels Facebook and Instagram; thus, our efforts were mainly done in the digital world.
Thru our digital efforts, and specifically thru our website we have reached people with our message in all corners of the world, including parts of Africa and several countries in Asia. In our Instagram account today we have close to 4000 followers from all around the world. On Facebook we have close to 1000 friends and 400 people who like our page. And, while going at it ,we also developed other social channels such as Tweeter, Pinterest and Reddit which have added positive numbers to our outreach. Even though our numbers are small compared to other big box companies, we ARE creating a ripple, and it is expanding and gaining strength daily.

Using our "hands on" philosophy when it comes to generating positive social impact we have successfully developed our "Seeds Savers Exchange" participation and our "Spread Joy" program for the local homeless community. We have grown our own tomatoes and herbs in a small space in our balcony, and even thou this is a very small effort, we plan to make it bigger and we are proud to have used the organic/non-gmo produce we grew ourselves as ingredients in some special meals. Also, we have preserved some of the seeds grown and bought more from SSE, and shared them with our VIP members that were present in our in-store events, they all have received  goody bags with a small pouch containing these awesome heirloom organic seeds. Little by little we are "planting our seeds" with this participatory preservation program from SSE.
On our original "Spread Joy"  social impact program, it has been now 2 Christmas' Days (2017 & 2018) in which we used our time to spread the joy of the holidays to the less privileged people of the Miami streets. With your help thru your purchases, We put together goody bags full of useful items, such as blankets, personal hygiene tools, assorted clothing, can foods, among others,and we even made some Brazilian traditional holiday dessert called "Rebanada". All of this in order to spark some smiles and bring some joy to our local community. We really love this program because it gives us the chance to personally bring smiles to peoples faces, sharing with them and making their Christmas Day just a bit merrier! 
We are currently also an active partner of the "One Tree Planted" organization. They are a non-profit that collaborates with carefully selected reforestation organizations in 4 regions: North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. You can choose a project to donate to within in each region – one dollar plants one tree.They pool the donations for each project and send the funds to the reforestation partner, enabling them to cover the costs required to get these trees in the ground.  
In our efforts to help with the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest. YOU, thru supporting us with your purchase, are planting trees in Brazil and Peru. To be more exact 1 tree every time you buy an item. Our efforts focus on 2 areas: one is in Brazil called, the Atlantic Forest, also known as Mata Atlantica, which once covered 130 million hectares across Brazil. Now, this tropical rainforest ecosystem is home to 70% of the country’s population. Centuries of deforestation for timber, sugar cane, coffee, cattle ranching, and urban sprawl have reduced the size of the forest by over 90%. Although the water supply for Brazil’s two most populous cities (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) comes from this forest, there is a lack of public policies and resources to protect it. 
Our second location on which we focus is in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.  This reforestation project is located in "Madre de Dios", home to over 10 percent of the world's bird species. The goal is to restore and protect the "buffer zone" between Tambopata National Reserve, Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, and the city of Puerto Maldonado. This area has been identified as a high risk zone for deforestation and degradation due to unsustainable agricultural practices in the region. Planting trees here will help conserve habitat for the Jaguar and hundreds of other species living in the protected areas, while providing sustainable livelihoods to local people
Step by step we have been reaching milestones and our brick and mortar store has been opened for about 8 months now. With our physical location we are able to touch and share our message with many more people personally on a daily basis.And we have created a community around us, of individuals who have conscious minds, and who identify with our concept and a righteous mission. 
Without these amazing individuals such as yourself, helping us with your presence in our store events, and supporting us with your purchases, we would not be able to take the message of sustainability and higher social consciousness to all corners of the world.
Thank you for your support! 
We look forward to sharing in many more events with you all, while enjoying wonderful Eco Art and generating much more powerful and positive social impact.
Today YOU ARE making a difference!

Simply Nature
Simply Nature


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