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by Simply Nature October 23, 2017

Everyday we gather our inner strength and positive energy to go out perform at our daily activities and pursuit our goals. However, stress and daily problems make it difficult sometimes and might represent an obstacle. Read more to get to know a few #natural and virtually #free ways to kick stress out of the window and make things happen!
Meditation is a powerful way to relieve stress levels. Even if you have a very busy schedule, meditating only 10-15 minutes per day, will help you greatly in lowering stress levels. Meditation is literally free of charge and it is possible to meditate anywhere. We do not need a spiritual guide or a monk to do this; simply give yourself some #me time, in silent and let your thoughts run free.. picture meditation as someone watching the cars passing by in a busy interstate: they are watching and aware of the traffic but they are not trying to direct traffic or stop it. When you meditate think of yourself as the 'watcher' and your thoughts as the cars running by. Be conscious of your thoughts, but you must not try to stop them or control them, DON'T, just sit back and watch. Only sometimes try to refocus attention in the "present" as your mind will wonder away here and then.
Do not ever think about meditation as "wasting your time"; wouldn't less stressful and more enjoyable full days be worth these 10 min of your time?
Exercise is similar to meditation in the sense that it gives the individual time to be alone with their thoughts, in this case it also provides an opportunity to forget about them. Practicing light exercise can help you clear out your mind and simply have a break or time off. Practicing intense exercise will allow you to forget about the days worries completely as your focus will be on the game/activity and the body's coordination. A great example of a very affordable way to have intense exercise is to join a soccer game in your local public park, or basketball, or frisbee. If you have no friends available or you are too shy to ask strangers to let you in, then, you can do some squats, abs and push-ups in a minimum space available. Oh... and 3 sets of 15-20 reps (each exercise) is a good starting point if you do not know how much to do ;). 
Many studies have shown the potential of herbs in fighting off stress levels, some are so effective that are compared to prescription drugs. Two of the most common and accessible herbs used for this are Chamomile and Valerian. It is believed that they work by boosting the levels of certain chemicals in the brain known as GABA. These chemicals reduce brain cell activity making the individual feel relaxed. These herbs have an approximate cost of 2-4 US dollars depending on where you buy them from. But best way for you to always have some supply when you need it and virtually free of charge, would be for you to grow your own, in your kitchen, backyard or balcony, very much like having any house plant, just  needs a little bit of attention and water; these wonderful herbs will bring happy vibes and calmness into your everyday life. 
Out of all the natural ways to reduce stress, to organize is the most underrated. Organization creates a natural sense of peace and control. Getting your living space organized will help you acquire a feeling of calmness; actually, studies show that having a "messy" living space will put you on edge. If you find yourself always in a hurry and anxious, it makes sense to generally organize your personal 'chaos' and maybe make some lists and plan things ahead. Best thing about organizing is that when you do it yourself is virtually free and it will bring you lasting benefits... for at least a week.. maybe just a few days, time frame will dramatically vary if you have roommates, kids, pets or live alone. However the feeling of a well organized and clean living space to me is priceless.
 Written by Fernando Guevara

Simply Nature
Simply Nature


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