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Making of: our first brick and mortar store edition

by Simply Nature August 21, 2018

It has been an amazing journey and its only the beginning!
We are super grateful for this opportunity life has given us. It has been a little bit over a year since we launched our first Simply Nature Bio Goods online store.We decided to take the steps towards creating the life we dream of, and in the process encourage others to live a healthy, ethical, active, green, eco-friendly lifestyle.

We have gone from an goal written down on a piece of paper, to a real brick and mortar store! Inspired by our mission, and taking purposeful actions every day, we are here today, opening the doors of our first Simply Nature Bio Goods concept store; Eco fashion for a glamorous taste.
It took us approximately 4 weeks to put together the store. We literally took on the project with our own hands. Putting into practice all of what we stand for, handmade artisan art, recycled, upcycled, and eco-friendly materials, along with a natural plant-based theme. We built and handcrafted most of our displays and store decorations ourselves, obviously we did have to hire some contractors for some of the specific jobs (EX. Electric, Store front Signage). Family and friends were also very important and we are grateful to have had them put some of their own time and effort into helping us build our store. In the end, the love and passion of everyone involved were the key elements to a successful completion of this project.

 Sustainable Fashion is what we strive for, and you can live this vibe 100% inside our store. Not only you can get an amazing bio jewel Eco-friendly piece of art, but you could also enjoy yourself modeling your pieces and taking pictures in our "green photo spot", which is a special spot inside our store dedicated to promote self confidence and the beauty of nature.
Also, you are always welcome to a cup of coffee, spring water or (21+) a nice glass of wine while you share time with us. We love to interact with Simply Nature's lovers and get to know everyone just a little bit better. We feel this is a wonderful way for people to get to know all the essence of our company and most importantly our mission.
Soon we will have our #circularmodel fully running in-store, and you could take advantage of our bio jewelry rental services.
If you are in Miami come visit us at our place at The Falls shopping center located at
8888 SW 136th ST
Showroom 435
Miami, Fl 33176
We are super excited about continuing the evolution of our company, and we know this is only the beginning. We deeply thank everyone that has supported us in different ways, and we are every day more motivated to bring a sustainable, green message to as many people as we possibly can.
One more time THANK YOU!
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Simply Nature
Simply Nature


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