Is he really dead?

by Simply Nature July 06, 2017

A bit over 2 months ago we were glad to bring to your attention “The Venus Project”. Little did we know, its creator Jacques Fresco passed away shortly after we published our article.  And so, now we feel even more committed to spreading his vision of what the future can be. We are certain that there are better ways to coexist with the planet and his solutions are educated and many already have been proven to work better than existing technologies. Mr. Fresco not only dedicated his life to studying and engineering new technologies but also to making them a reality , always taking the necessary steps to slowly make his vision a tangible reality. It is part of our mission to spread this green message.

The Venus Project offers a new hope for our planet. A completely new world system. For this, it is necessary to build new cities with the improved technologies integrated in them, as it is more practical and less expensive than trying to fix and improve our old cities. Also a mentality of global common wealth; where all the Earth’s resources are declared as common heritage of all of the world’s people. This will end conflicts for land, money, exploitation of countries for prime matter, and most importantly all these positive factors combined would prevent war.

Cities would be planned out to the most specific details. Starting with a circular arrangement, which allows for the most efficient use of the available resources and construction techniques with minimum expenditure of energy. The circular arrangement would be divided in sectors. The most outer sector will have hiking and biking trails, golf courses, also opportunities for water sports. Inside this area there will be a water way surrounding an agricultural dome, with indoor and outdoor agriculture. Continuing towards the center of the city another sector will have all the sustainable energy facilities; wind, solar and heat concentrators will generate all the necessary energy, also waste and recycling will be located here although beneath the city.

New and innovative methods of fast mass construction will be used to create the residential district, next to it will be planning, science and research centers. In our new cities sustainable energy and new efficient mass transportation methods will be standard. At the center of the city, there will be schools, medical facilities and shopping, all carefully distributed so that cars are only needed in emergency situations.

All of these are just a few of the ideas that “The Venus Project” proposes for human kind’s future. Many more details are shared with you on their website and multiple channels.  We are trying to bring awareness to this subject and we encourage you to research it. All channels available for promoting environmental consciousness and social evolution will be used by. We consider this another kind of bio goods; a much profound kind.

So, answering the question on this blog’s title about, Is he really dead? The answer is No. Jacques Fresco is not dead. He is not dead, because we make sure to spread his visionary ideas with the world, thus, we are here writing this article for you guys. Making a small ripple in the vast ocean of evolutionary consciousness, and by doing so we keep alive his memory and his name relevant.

We hope you enjoy reading more about this! Also, you can visit their site at or watch this YouTube video: we recommend it.


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Written by Fernando Guevara

Simply Nature
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