GET TO KNOW THE GULF OF ALASKA aka "the place where two oceans meet"

by Simply Nature April 28, 2017

Our planet is full of wonderful locations that arouse all kind of different interests in people. Some places offer great sporting scenarios, other offer great landscape views, some are known for its food, etc. In this article we bring to you the Gulf of Alaska.

This incredible place has a lot to offer, specially to those who enjoy natural views and breathtaking scenery. The climate in this place is a bit messy to say the least; strong surface currents and cold arctic air running thru its waters, make this place the mecca for the heavy rain and snow storms that affect south and central Alaska. However, aside from the weather, here there are sites that offer incredible nature views. Some of the places you should visit if you have the chance to go include the Alexander Archipielago, Glacier Bay National Park, Kodiak Island, Kenai mountain, among others.

Although all the natural richness of the gulf of Alaska, it actually became more famous due to a wide spread internet myth that named it "the place where two oceans meet". A picture posted by blogger Ken Smith (merging oceans) created this viral confusion and many actually believed that in this place in fact there were two "merging oceans". 

After a big commotion online and more than 1,000,000 views on flicker and thousands of comments about Mr. Smith's picture, the actual facts were revealed. These are not two oceans meeting but rather two different kinds of waters; the glacial melt water which has a light blue color and the saline sea water which has a dark blue color. Sediment rich slow currents of glacial water spill from the coast into the gulf waters and create the phenomenon.

The color difference is due to the different density of the waters. Density plus the change in water temperature and salinity level keep the waters apart.The borders where the waters meet, keep on varying and in fact the waters will eventually mix.

Even though the scientific explanation is quite logical and simple, the phenomenon certainly arouses curiosity among all people.  We hope you enjoyed reading about the Gulf of Alaska and if you are an adventurer, keep it in mind for your future destinations; maybe one day you will want to see "the place where two oceans meet".

 Pic Credits: Ken Smith (Flickr)

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