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United in the human awakening and positive change

by Simply Nature March 21, 2020 1 Comment

After the storm there always are rainbows.

Can we think about the times in our lives that were a struggle but after we overcame them, we came out stronger and more vibrant?

Obviously we have not passed the storm yet, but more than a storm, We believe this is a time of reflection, learning, opportunity and evolution.

We are now forced to learn lessons we may have been avoiding, individually and collectively. This is that opportunity to do them, and to evolve.

The Corona Virus situation has almost everyone on the planet take inventory and become more self aware of health, finances, relationships, emotions, spirituality , mental strength, etc.

Our collective consciousness creates our world reality. We must believe in the solutions, believe in the positive outcome, believe in the power of our positive mind.
Collective Evolution

It is even more important now to use the tools of meditation, healthy eating and positive purposeful action in order to help with our energy not only our households, but the whole human race, towards evolution and come out of this adversity with minimal negative impact and MASSIVE POSITIVE CHANGE.

As we care deeply for our community and our Human race, We want to bring you here a quick list of simple things you can do in order to boost your immune system, stay productive at home and increase your peace of mind.

Health Tips (Disease does not do well in alkaline environments and it thrives on acidic ones)

1) Try drinking a full glass of water with lime/lemon or any citric of choice first thing in the AM. in order to alkalinize your body, as critics have an alkaline effect on the human body. Most people have the habit of drinking coffee as their beverage of choice first thing in the AM. however, coffee has an acidic effect on the body. If you do this, we suggest you adapt and change this habit, specially while dealing with Covid-19.

2) Try to reduce the consumption of foods that create acidic effects on the body in general. Examples of acidic foods are: any dairy products, meat, sodas.

3) Increase the consumption of foods like ginger and turmeric, these are great immune system boosters. 

4) Exercise daily. At least 20 min of physical activity can greatly boost your energy, and immune system. Today there are hundreds of at-home workout routines we can find for FREE online. If you do not already do this, then, this is the perfect time for you to adopt this habit. 

Productivity Tips 

1) Create a new routine. Suddenly changing up all your lifestyle creates a sense on insecurity and confusion. If you create a new routine that can be perform daily under the circumstances, this will help you get grounded and feel secure about your day. If you never had a routine, once again this is a great time to create one. 

2) Get out of your pajamas. Dress up as if you were going out to perform your normal daily tasks. This simple act will help you feel motivated to work on new projects or keep working on old ones from home. 

3) Designate a work zone. If you don't already have it, designate in your house an area that will be used exclusively for working on projects. Avoid having technology (TV, Internet) in this place, unless it is absolutely necessary for you work tasks. 

4) Help your kids create their own new routines, and if necessary asked them to collaborate around the house thru chorus. This will greatly benefit the whole household environment. 

Peace of Mind Tips

1) Meditate first thing in the morning. This practice will set a balanced and peaceful tone for your day. If you do not use meditation already, this is the perfect time for you to get into it.

2) Stay away from the news. It is not a secret that the news generally trigger a sense of chaos and panic. Try to stay informed but limit your exposure to this as much as possible. We create our reality with our thoughts, so, choose wisely the material you want to consume and put in your mind during this time. Same goes for social media and internet in general, you have the ability to filter your information, unfollow or block any negative input as much as possible. 

3) Before sleeping/bed visualize the outcome you want for your family, friends, business and the World after this has passed.Visualization is a powerful tool to program our subconscious mind. Going to bed/sleep with positive images in your mind will help you program your brain and wake up motivated and with ideas about solutions or strategies to overcome the current situation.   

4) Follow the recommendations given by the local authorities. Limiting our exposure to the Covid-19 virus will definitely help you stay at peace. Furthermore, If we all do our part by staying in and preventing the spread of the virus this whole situation will be over faster, and we will return to our normal lives faster too.

We hope these tips help you as they have helped us. We are not doctors or experts, but we are full of love and positive energy, and want to share it with you, specially during this time. 



Much love 💚💪
Disclaimer: The information in this article is only intended for educational purposes and to raise a good vibe. If you feel any symptoms of the Corona Virus or any other illness you should contact your local health professionals.  

Simply Nature
Simply Nature


1 Response

Ashley Combier
Ashley Combier

March 22, 2020

I love this and I love your cause.

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