Amazon Fires Awareness

by Simply Nature September 11, 2019

We hope that most members of our community are aware by now of the terrible fires that took place in our beloved Amazon rain-forest the past couple of weeks (if you have not heard about them, find some info in our IG feed). Even though the biggest fires have been contained (Thanks to the push of all the conscious community together), there are still fires happening and most importantly the hardest part of this episode is just beginning, meaning: the road to recovery efforts and prevention of future similar disasters.
When it comes to the prevention aspect, we believe is key that we discuss the main causes of the problem. Even though most people do not have the insights and others do not like to hear it or talk about it, we are here to bring awareness and consciousness. It is a fact that the biggest cause of deforestation of the Amazon is animal agriculture. Yes, for decades thousands of acres of land are cleared in the Amazon to give way to pastures where the meat industry can raise cattle, pigs and other animals, as well as other agro-products meant to sustain these animals, which means that not only the land is being clear to keep the animals, but most of the agricultural products grown on it are fed to the animal, not humans. Not only these practices are destroying the ecosystem, but also the animals are raise in unnatural ways and under deplorable circumstances.
So, in order to prevent these fires and minimize them, what can we do?
It is important that each of us takes responsibility for our daily habits. An effective and easy way to help and which can be implemented immediately, is the adaptation of our diets. We are not suggesting to eliminate meat completely from your diet as some us have chosen to do. However, one can control and reduce the consumption of it. Some people eat meat 3 times per day, 7 days of the week. Perhaps a helpful and healthier approach would be to limit the consumption of meat to 1 time per day, and maybe even to 3 to 4 times per week. In addition to helping directly with preserving our beloved Amazon rain-forest, there are multiple studies that proof the health benefits of diets with reduced meat consumption and plant-based diets.
On this same page, another important way to put our grain of sand and be a part of the solution is the way we spend our dollars. Every time we make a purchase we are casting a vote. And we vote for a better, greener world, or we vote for it to stay the same. On this particular aspect we know that you all are already making big efforts! Given you have supported us and our mission, and for this we deeply thank you.
Always remember that by supporting us, you are directly supporting the solution. At
Simply Nature Bio Goods we are committed to the preservation of our environment and support reforestation programs in the Amazon rain-forest, specifically in Brazil and Peru thru the One Tree planted Foundation, every time we make a sale, we plant a tree in these locations. Also, we support the preservation of the US organic food heritage thru the Seeds Savers Exchange Program, we hope that you have planted the seeds given to you on the events we held at the The Falls showroom. If you wish to know more about our partners please visit their websites at, and 
 fruit bat
We thank you very much for taking the time to read this article and for your continued support. Please remember that small details count and add up; and we count on you to be able to continue our mission of leading by example and spreading a green message. We kindly ask you, if you find some extra time, please drop a line or a click on our social channels; we are in need of likes and comments. Also if you want to go all out please give us a review on Facebook or Google. These are very valuable things for us. Finally, if you want to treat yourself, or have a special occasion coming up, we are happy to help, and remember that we still have 40% OFF in available inventory.
Amazon Rain Forest
We look forward to seeing you all in our new location inside PIVOT Market. Our grand opening is now set for September 28th. We will have local artisan foods, handcrafted cocktails, and of course handmade Eco Art.
Do not miss out, mark your calendars!

Simply Nature
Simply Nature


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