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Simply Nature Bio Goods featured in Living and Travel Magazine

by Simply Nature June 11, 2018

Simply Nature Bio Goods featured in Living and Travel Magazine

Simply Nature Bio Goods has been a passion based initiative. We thrive upon our values and mission. It can be easy to think that all fashion companies have one and only one goal: to make money. Well, we are here to make a difference and set the standards for what a true circular, conscious fashion company its all about. Of course we like to look good and abundance is in our vision. But is not the goal; on the contrary, abundance is the means to reaching our real goals. We love our planet Earth and all Earthlings living on it. We respect life and honor the Universe; and it is because of this that we created this company. Feeling good is a basic part and foundation of human's well being, health and prosperity. We want everyone to strive to feel good and ethical fashionable looks is a great way to do it. Also staying active and in contact with nature are key to a happy life and prosperous world.
Every day we put our hearts into our mission and slowly we are making progress and taking small steps to fulfilling our ultimate goal of a more beautiful, ethical and Eco friendly planet.  
This is why we are beyond happy to share our first magazine featured article in the prestigious Living & Travel Magazine.The fact that others can recognize the value and importance of our project makes us deeply glad. Simply Nature is for the world and our vision goes deep into Earth preservation, organic food preservation and thirving together with all of our brothers and sisters. #weareone  
We are also very honored and excited to had been a part of the production of the cover, and their fashion editorial with stunningly gorgeous Shannon de Lima.
To top it all off  we got to share with a very talented and professional group of people from the Living and Travel team and collaborators from @HausFashionLab. Much love to all.
We hope you enjoy the pictures and the "making of" video below. #SimplyNatureBioGoods
"Eco fashion for a glamorous taste"
Shannon de Lima styling Arruda Bracelet
Shannon de Lima styling our Cerrado Bracelet
Shannon de Lima styling our Magnolia Ring
#shannondelima #livingandtravelmagazine #magazinecover
Cover and fashion editorial as seen in Living and Travel Magazine Vol. 18
Check out the magazine at:

Simply Nature
Simply Nature


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