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Covid _19 Strategies for Self-Care

by Simply Nature April 19, 2020

When we talk about “self-care” nowadays, there seems to be a tendency to think about activities that could bring you some relaxation in the moment, but which will not have a long lasting positive effect on your life. Amanda Porter, an Ohio-based psychiatrist says, “There is definitely a right and wrong way to go about self-care”.
Reconsider in pink
Do not fall in the trap

One of the most common behaviors that people take on when they feel the need of practicing #selfcare is self-indulging, which can be harmless most of the time, other times not so much. Buying things like clothes, shoes, beauty products; binging on Netflix, alcohol or foods; or going to parties/events you cannot afford, are things that can help you relax in the moment but only serve as quick-fixes to more complex problems. Often making your life harder down the road.
The TV, and advertising industry in general are guilty of bringing unrealistic expectations to the public about products and activities that do not really help in the long term, and rather end up distracting people from activities that actually promote mental health. The real problem here, is that people blindly believe what is being told to them thru these channels and end-up losing the true meaning and value of real self-care. Porter also adds, “If something makes you feel good now but will make you feel bad later, then, it’s not true self-care.”
Media driven clones
Avoiding responsibility and distracting ourselves is not real self-care. Avoiding a problem indefinitely is also not self-care. We must look at the bigger picture and ask ourselves if our “self-care” activities are bringing us calmness, peace of mind and are making us happier and healthier. If the answer is “no”. Then we must reconsider our self-care strategies.
Not Self Care- Binge Drinking
Keep it simple

Self-care MUST be easy, must include things we can do at home or anywhere for that matter, must be sustainable within our means, and also is very important that it be something we can repeat as many times as we possibly want. Beautiful experiences like events, concerts or vacations may make us feel good, but you can’t fly off to wonderland after every bad day. Not to mention these are pretty much out of the question in our current quarantine state.
Event Party
Be You

 I believe you must do things that you like. Find and adopt the strategies that best resonate with you. Do not follow the trends just because everyone else is doing it. Ex: drinking green juice can be beneficial to your body in many ways, but if you do not like it, don’t drink it. There is a lot of social pressure, even on the wellness area. You do not have to take a Yoga class, or get in the latest most tech gym if you truly do not enjoy those activities, and even less, if you cannot afford them. Focus your self-care strategy choices around a constructive thought/question analysis which includes: is it simple? Will this make me FEEL good? Does it have long lasting benefits in my life? Can I afford it (more than once)? Lastly, but very important, BE YOU; ask yourself, will it be a moment of JOY/FUN for me if I engaged in this activity?
Real Self Care

Here I bring you a list of some real self-care strategies that have helped me during this time:
1. Meditation.

This activity even though very cliché for some people. In my opinion is the “mother” of self-care activities. It is FREE of cost, and can be done anywhere and as many times as you want, even on the same day. In a stressful day a 5 minute meditation could work wonders. It’s that simple.
Meditation has been used by ancient cultures for centuries as a tool to find peace of mind, balance, and connect to nature and our higher-self. In our “modern” world, it has been scientifically proven to bring long lasting mind-body-spirit benefits on a person, especially when adopted as a daily practice.
Shower or Bath Meditation
As opposed to the common beliefs, I think that there is no right or wrong way to meditate. The only purpose is to try to let go of trying to control our thoughts and relax the mind and body. We simply observe the thoughts as they come and go, without necessarily trying to think of something or worse, trying not to think of anything, in fact, try thinking of nothing and you will find that more things actually come to mind. Be ok with whatever thoughts come and observe them in neutrality. If you wander off, just know that this is part of the meditation, simply come back to the meditative state and continue to watch/observe your thoughts in neutrality.
Also, I have learnt that there is not a best position to meditate. Simply find the position in which you feel most comfortable. Similarly, there is not any length of time you must mediate for; if you are just beginning, then even 2 minute is great, the more you do it the longer you will be able to meditate. Also, the “feel good” sensation will be longer the more you get into it, and eventually you will want to do more of it because it simply balances you and makes you feel good for simply existing.
Man Meditating in Nature
You will also discover that there is not a particular place which you must use for this practice. Since, the purpose of it is to find neutrality (to just be and not react), even if you are in a crowded or noisy place is ok. Obviously, finding a private and quiet place will aid to get deeper and longer into your meditations, but is not required.
As you do your own research on this subject, you will find that there are many ways to meditate, there is solo meditation, guided meditation, moving meditation, walking meditation, chanting meditation, chakra meditation, group meditation, etc. Simply dig in and use whatever suits you best. If you adopt this practice, you mind, body and spirit will start to align in such a way that the peace of mind and levels of energy will start to increase, bringing long lasting benefits in your life.
Meditation Anywhere

Exercise is another activity that bring an enormous amount of benefits not only physically but also mentally. So it is high in my list of self-care activities.
Exercise is defined as any activity or movement that requires your muscles to work and burn calories. Any kind of movement can be used to exercise. Swimming, jogging, walking, dancing, or even just raising your arms; try raising your arms together up and down for 1 min and you will experience slight fatigue, aka easy exercise.
In today’s culture, most do exercise for the wrong reason: to look good or have a “hot” body. This is just a side effect of regular exercise. Exercise should be done for health aka self-care. When we exercise, we stimulate the parts of the brain that regulate stress and anxiety, thus, reducing depression and tension. Additionally, according to Arlene Sameco a Medical Student and Registered Dietician, “exercising can increase the production of endorphins, which are known to help produce positive feelings and reduce the perception of pain”. Sameco also adds, “Interestingly, it does not matter how intense your workout is, it seems that your mood can benefit from exercise no matter the intensity of the physical activities”.
Other benefits of regular exercising include weight loss, increasing of the energy levels, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, it helps skin health, promotes brain health, improves your quality of sleep, and it even promotes a better sex life.
Exercising can be done anywhere, there are hundreds of content online on home work out routines, hotel room routines, even shower routines. Many of them without the use of any equipment, and best of all for FREE. Needless to say, exercising is an amazing strategy for self-care with long lasting benefits in our lives.
Exercise for Health
3. Journaling.

Something like a journal is a very creative form of self-care. It can help us get clarity in our ideas or thoughts. Also, it can help us release negative emotions without ever having to direct them to anyone. Journaling is also inexpensive and it is proven that when we write things down we remember them better, and even more interesting is fact that when we write goals or plans on paper, they have higher probability to get executed and achieved faster and more effectively. Journaling could be done anywhere and pretty much anytime we want.
The practice of journaling has helped me personally in realizing my dreams and achieving a deeper connection to myself. I find that when I journal I go deeper into my mind and thoughts. I find answers to problems I have been meaning to solve, and many new ideas come to my mind in general. I am now creating the habit of keeping a small pocket notebook with me, where I can write down a thought or idea on the spot without waiting. This prevents me from forgetting intuitive thoughts and actually executing them later.
Journaling, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz. Crystals, balance, thought.
4. Socialize

Specially now, during this time of “stay at home” quarantine. We could find ourselves isolated, and spending more time than necessary in solitude. We are social beings by nature, and self-care does not necessarily mean being alone. In fact, sometimes self-care means that we find good friends, family members, or people we trust, in order to have a good conversation, or for them to simply listen to us, or be there keeping us company.
In the current situation we must be vigilant not to fall under the veil of separation and isolation. Yes, cutting some people out, or staying in, are also forms of self-care, but these all depend on the overall circumstances. Today, more than ever we need to be united, and find new connections, or deepen old ones with meaningful people in our lives. I do think, that the time that we are getting to spend with ourselves now is precious and very valuable and useful to get to know ourselves. But, let’s not forget about our social nature and find ways to stay connected and share enjoyable and meaningful moments with the people around us.
Even though the viability of this self-care strategy largely depends on where you live in the world. There are many applications out there that offer FREE services and useful tools to get in touch with anyone, anywhere in the world. Chances are, if you are reading this, these apps/services are available to you.
A simple text message, or voice message, a phone call, video call, and even video dinners, or video parties are creative and fun ways to do this.
Please stay connected with friends and family during the quarantine.
Socialize. Video Call
5. Home Games

Reconnecting with our inner child is very important for our self-care. Remembering how we used to laugh and have fun with simple things. Spending hours imagining amazing scenarios and adventures, and laughing like crazy after a “pillow fight” are wonderful ways to release stress and nourish not only our brains but our relationships during this time.
All of these bonding activities aid us in increasing the levels and releasing more oxytocin in our brain. This is a very important hormone that plays a huge role on how we partner up and relate to others. It is commonly known as the “love hormone”.
At home, we can go back to the table games, or just old school home games that have been forgotten due to the takeover of technology. Simple things like a card deck can bring us wide variety of games almost anyone knows, such as black jack. If you have small kids, this is a great opportunity to bond with them with games that only require your imagination, such as hide and seek, or cops and thieves aka cowboys and Indians, making a pillow fort, or pillow fights are awesome options that will make you bond, laugh and feel happy and connected with your little ones.
Pillow Fight
Other options for the whole family that only require imagination are “story time”, where as a group, one person starts a story with (1) one word, and the next person continues it with a different word building up upon each other. The catch here is that you must remember each word said by each person before your turn. You must repeat them all, and add your own. Similarly, and one that I used to love playing with my tennis friends when we had pre-season and would stay all of us together concentrated in one place for over a month was, “Guess the Character”, in this game one person thinks of a character and the others must guess it by asking “yes” or “no” questions to the thinker in turn. No more information can be given except for a “yes or a “no”. The character can be anyone or anything from cartoons, real people, or movies. Time limit for each turn must be used and a point table also implemented with a set limit to find the winner. To all of these game suggestions set your own rules. Make them your own.
Happy. Mom and Son
Conscious Community
Okay my friends; I truly hope that you find value and useful tips on this read. And most importantly, choose wisely the self-care strategies you are using. Adapt them and or increase them if you must. And please, if you are not doing anything for self-care, then, this is the best opportunity you ever had to do so. Self-care is NOT selfish. We must take care of ourselves and become the best version of ourselves, so that we can best take care of others. Similarly, by the Universal law of Divine Oneness, when we take care of ourselves, we are also taking care of the collective.
Universe Divine Oneness
I thank you for being here, and for reading this article. It is my intention to bring as much value to you as possible thru every channel available to me. My soul honors your soul. I love you.

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