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  • Some of the most thoughtful and meaningful jewelry designs I’ve encountered in a while. The passion and care as well is consciousness is apparent in the design and quality of the products. I’m proud to own a piece of this work! 

    Alexandra Zofcin

  • This place should be called Simply BEAUTIFUL!!! I get a lot of allergies from any type of earrings, but with this ones I don´t feel anything! These are the only ones I could wear for consecutive days without feeling my ears itchy. The designs are gorgeous, you immediately know you are wearing a masterpiece once you put them on. In love with my little Star earrings! 

    Gabriela Orjuela Valderruten

  • I was so excited about this place!!! not only because the quality, beautiful jewel but the proud I am to made from Brazilian leaves specially from my state Minas Gerais. 

    Juliana Klein

  • Unique, exquisite, rare, elegant, gorgeous one of a kind store and jewelry with eco-conscious meaning and organic natural materials from Brazil dipped in 18K gold. Store and space filled with only positive vibes, impressive ambiance and finely detailed presentation. Owners, creators husband and wife, Fernando and Priscila, very knowledgeable and passionate about every piece. Unique craftmanship, beautiful works of art from nature. Each piece has such unique meaning, history, healing properties. Eco-Glam at it's Finest!!  

    Kelly Shaw

  • All of these pieces are simply breathtaking! They will leave those around you in awe and speachless. I got the Magnolia Leaf Bracelet for my wife and not only does she adore it but so do those that see her with it. There is no better way for an eco-conscious person to support the planet while being at the height of fashion. 

    Francis Combier

  • What a wonderful hidden secret! Located in the Fall Mall nestled in the middle of  this wonderful open mall. The jewelry is an  amazing concept of husband and wife team. Their unique art has been featured in many magazines, T.V. segments and worn by many celebrities.
    This amazing concept starts with nature then it is dipped 22 individual times in yellow, white or rose gold to create wearable art formed by nature. I was so excited, I bought my first pieces and have an order for another set!
    Come by and experience this exclusive art/ jewelry.

    (Yelp Review)

    Lin C

  • The essence of nature captured in stunning and timeless statement pieces - Simply Nature bio jewels are an exquisite reminder of nature’s perfection! Simply Nature Bio Goods, an eco-conscious slow fashion brand and trendsetters in mindful living. What’s not to love about this brand?! 😊

    Koki Kassaye 

Unique, glamorous & Ecofriendly

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